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Actus-DB Optical Bench

To make my large format landscape photographs I'm using the Actus-DB optical bench by Cambo a Dutch brand. As I have already explained in my blog on 'equipment' article, my choice fell on this camera after a long and thorough technical analysis: I compared the various options offered by the market in this field and carefully weighed all their technical characteristics.

However, I must admit that the design and look of this instrument played an important role in my initial decision as well. Then over time, in addition to the aesthetic side, I was able to appreciate the true substance of this camera: the refinement of the details, the build quality and its linear simplicity confirmed the value and the genius of the project.

In 2016 I purchased the first version of Actus-DB, and subsequently Cambo offered me the possibility to upgrade by replacing some parts that have been improved thanks to the continuous research and feedback from international professional photographers. So at the moment I have the most updated and performing version renamed by Cambo in Actus-DB 2.

I clearly equipped the camera with Schneider and Rodenstock lenses, specially produced for digital use, and used the Phase One IQ260 digital back or the Mamiya RB 6X8 Roll Film as the acquisition medium.

I'm very satisfied with my choice, which I recommend to follow to all those who intend to make such a purchase. I would call this apparatus a real masterpiece of precision mechanics able to satisfy even the most demanding. Despite its compact size, this camera offers generous tilting and shifting movements, leaving the photographer full creative freedom as well as the opportunity to choose whether to shoot digitally or on film.

Based on my experience I consider the Dutch house Cambo an excellent company, which offers a whole series of products made with skilful craftsmanship, always careful to make improvements, with an impeccable customer service, and perfectly represented by the Italian dealer Image Consult srl.

I conclude this article by saying that in the current scenario of moving body cameras dedicated to digital, this small and precious Actus jewel is truly the right choice.

Images of the Actus-DB optical bench